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Il y a des années, je me suis rendu compte qu’en tant que chef d’église, je ne savais pas assez comment penser, prier et enseigner d’une manière qui tienne compte des nouvelles réalités de la santé mentale. J’ai senti que nous n’étions qu’à la surface d’un domaine de recherche complexe et croissant qui exigeait une attention renouvelée de notre part.

L’un des obstacles que je devais surmonter découlait de ma propre formation théologique. Pour beaucoup trop de gens, l’apprentissage de la Bible et le travail de direction pastorale sont présentés dans des catégories binaires. Par exemple, les concepts concernant Dieu…

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Years ago, I realized that as a church leader I did not know enough about how to think, pray and teach in a way that addressed the emerging realities of mental health. I sensed we were just scratching the surface of a complex and growing area of research that required our renewed attention.

One hurdle I needed to address resulted from my own theological training. For too many, learning about the Bible and the work of pastoral leadership is presented in binary categories. For example, concepts about God, how to live and even how to interpret parts of the Bible…

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I think we can all agree that this is going to be a different kind of Christmas. Perhaps, the struggles of 2020 have made us more aware of our need for a new perspective. For years, I have tried to help people get that new perspective by making Christmas a priority. Yet, I have found that some still miss the important ways that the Bible reveals God breaking through to do something new.

Maybe, like me, you know how easily we are prone to lose our way. Pressure to focus on many other things lead to catching a few verses…

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Reimagine est sur le point de devenir le nouveau mot à la mode.

Bien qu’il s’agisse d’un thème populaire dans le circuit des affaires et du coaching, la ré imagination est sur le point de prendre un nouvel essor dans d’autres sphères de la vie. À la lumière du COVID-19, les changements dans nos routines quotidiennes vont nécessiter une saison de ré imagination profonde et douloureuse pour de nombreux secteurs de la vie publique..

Il n’y a qu’un seul problème.

Le monde moderne ne nous a pas enseigné les compétences nécessaires pour ré imaginer.

Depuis des années, nous faisons une…

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Re-imagine is about to become the new buzz-word.

Although a popular theme on the business and coaching circuit, re-imagine is about to get a boost in other spheres of life. In light of COVID-19, changes to our daily routines will require a deep and painful season of re-imagination for many sectors of public life.

There is just one problem.

The modern world has not taught us the skills for re-imagining.

For years we have idolized a skill-set that prizes imagination and endless possibilities instead of re-imagination. This has been so pervasive that it is natural to use words like re-imagine…

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We could be living through one of the largest displays of Christian immaturity in our lifetime. The unprecedented realities of the Coronavirus have led to a surge of online interactions revealing a deep lack of respect and humility by Christians who claim to follow Jesus and live according to the Bible.

While I don’t claim to understand the complexities of this phenomenon, I want to suggest that perhaps, this crisis, is an opportunity to revisit the nature of Christian maturity in our new digital quagmire.

As a pastor, I want to say sorry for not doing enough. While we all…

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We may be at the forefront of a much needed conversation about the Bible and the role of sacred religious texts. From Karen Armstrong’s new book ‘The Lost Art of Scripture’ and atheists like Dawkins using his newest book to comment on the Bible, something may be brewing. Also, who would have imagined that in 2020 the Bible remains one of the bestselling books that many people misunderstand.

One of the great joys of my life has been to help people experience the ‘spiritual’ convergence that happens when a commitment to reading the Bible ignites a deeper love for Jesus…

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Whether you agree with him or not, Richard Dawkins is one of the most influential atheists of our time. His strong stance against religion coupled with his years as a respected scientist make him someone I try to learn from. This always comes as a surprise to people who know I am a Christian and a pastor. As you might imagine, I often get the question

‘Why would a pastor who believes in God read a book by an atheist?”

While I don’t have an exact answer, I often try to remind people that the humility modeled by Jesus requires…

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The ancient Greeks believed that a Muse, a ‘divine’ like creature, had the responsibility to inspire creativity and protect the arts. While modern society prides itself on no longer believing silly myths, we are still enamored with the past. Hence, the museum, a dedicated space shaped by a vision to preserve artifacts which once had a distinct purpose.

About 5 years ago my wife and I moved to Quebec, the home of one of the oldest museums in Canada now known as Musée de l’Amérique Francophone. While we love the historical richness of the province, we didn’t move back just…

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Welcome to the age of inspiration without transformation. It is a growing phenomenon shaped by religious experimentation. While we have yet to fully understand its lasting impact, there is one noticeable sign that keeps coming to the surface. It happens when our relentless desire to feel good, find success, and face our fears collide with religious fervor. This intoxicating mixture, when left unattended, produces the revival addict.

As a spiritual leader I have witnessed how people go from one religious experience/gathering to the next convinced that the life they’ve always wanted is just around the corner. If only they could…

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